The UNFCCC Paris Agreement has rightly sparked a great deal of interest in the direction of international climate change law and governance. I was fortunate to participate in a couple of great panel discussions on the topic this month at King’s College London.

As part of KCL’s Green Week, Dr Megan Bowman from King’s Law, Jose Bolanos from the Department of Political Economy and I spoke on the theme of ‘What the Paris Agreement means for the global response to climate change’. Megan discussed the role of financial actors, Jose analysed the future of energy and I gave on overview of the Paris Agreement’s provisions.

Photo courtesy of the KCL European Society

Last night, KCL’s European Society hosted a panel discussion on the question ‘Climate change and policy, Europe ahead?’. I outlined the EU’s role as a leader in climate policy in the UNFCCC and other processes and the development of the EU’s Global Strategy. Ralph Wallo from Brussels Strategics gave a practitioner’s reflection on the EU and climate diplomacy. Jocelyn Blériot of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation presented on the concept of the ‘circular economy’ and its salience to EU institutions.

Photo courtesy of the KCL European Society

It is clear that the Paris Agreement has galvanised thinking on climate change. Both events featured great questions and comments from those who attended – broad-based engagement that will be important to the Agreement’s implementation.