It was terrific to join friends and colleagues for the London launch of our book “EU Climate Diplomacy”, co-edited with Vassilis Ntousas. Many thanks to each of the speakers – Francesca Manchi, Dr Christoph Schwarte, Dr Robert Falkner and Laura Hanning Scarborough – and to everyone who engaged with terrific questions and comments. The evening’s discussion highlighted the growing depth and breadth of knowledge and concern regarding the climate challenge. The IPCC’s latest report underlines not just the urgency of the challenge, but also the critical fact that preventing dangerous climate change is achievable (‘These systems transitions are unprecedented in terms of scale, but not necessarily in terms of speed’). It was also interesting, in a U.K. context, that the discussion showed continuing interest in the EU’s role and an appreciation (by no means uncritical!) of the necessity of continued EU leadership on this critical issue.