UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee – 20th meeting

This was a TEC meeting like no other. In this difficult time, the focus is rightly on combating the pandemic. At the same time, it’s vital our cooperation on climate change continues. That’s why the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee met virtually this month. It is a privilege to have been elected vice-chair of the TEC, & I look forward to working with our chair, TEC members, the Secretariat & observers to take our work forward. At this meeting, we:

  • Appointed a gender focal point for the 1st time, to champion gender responsiveness in the TEC’s work.
  • Agreed a new policy brief on technologies addressing loss & damage in coastal zones – a collaboration with the Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage.
  • Provided guidance on a rich array of work-in-progress under the TEC, including on RD&D partnerships, technology needs assessments, & innovative approaches to stimulate uptake of existing tech.
  • Discussed with the Green Climate Fund enhancing collaboration on technology incubators and accelerators.

The UN Climate Change story on the meeting is online here.