Transnational law

Transnational Law Institute

  • Information on the new Transnational Regulatory Governance research group and an invitation to its 1st meeting on 21 January in London is online here.
  • An article on the Transnational Law Institute’s inaugural London Roundtable on Transnational Private Law Theory is online here. More information on the event is online here.


  • Voluntary standards play an important but contested role in the regulation of global markets. In this post for the King’s Student Law Review Financial and Commercial Law Blog, I examined the case of standards for the growing market for green bonds.


  • Washington & Lee School of Law Prof. Mark Drumbl on international criminal law – online here.
  • Cornell Law Prof. Annelise Riles on ‘data politics’ and dialogue in North-East Asia – online here.
  • Leigh Day partner Richard Meeran on transnational human rights litigation – online here.
  • Sciences Po Prof. Horatia Muir Watt on private international law as global governance – online here.
  • Durham Law Prof. Fiona de Londras on counterterrorism – online here.
  • Utrecht University Assistant Prof. Machiko Kanetake on UN Security Council reform and post-Fukushima Japan – online here.
  • University College Dublin Prof. Colin Scott on meta-regulation – online here.
  • Dr Victor Kattan, National University of Singapore, on the International Court of Justice and decolonisation – online here.

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